Жесткий диск для ноутбука TOSHIBA 750 Gb MQ01ABD075

Производитель: Toshiba
Код товара: 0505-0941
Доступность: Нет в наличии
Артикул: 0505-0941

  • 33 790 тнг.

 Жесткий диск для ноутбука TOSHIBA HDD 750 Gb SATA-II 2.5" 5400rpm 8Mb MQ01ABD075

Особенности продукта

    • 2.5-inch HDD + NAND
    • Large capacity up to 1TB
    • High performance with 8GB NAND flash
    • Enhanced self-learning caching algorithm

Информация о продукте

Toshiba’s first generation of 2.5-inch (6.4 cm) SSHD provide fast SSD-like performance combined with the high capacity of a hard disk drive (HDD). The new MQ01ABDxxxH series is available in 1TB and 750GB capacity points. This combined with 8GB of NAND flash make it ideal for high performance gaming notebooks and PCs. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for ultra-portable computing devices.

Toshiba’s SSHD utilize self-learning algorithms that enable the drive to identify the user’s access patterns, allowing frequently used data to be stored in the NAND cache making it quickly accessible to the host. Likewise, data that is used less often is moved from the NAND flash to the HDD for long term storage. This self-learning mechanism continues to develop throughout the lifespan of the drive, constantly improving the drive’s performance.

Toshiba is the only storage vendor that designs and develops both HDD and NAND flash technology, the core components of SSHD technology ensuring the highest quality and innovation.


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